Pressure limiting valve with brass Tpiece and shut off valve
A pressure limiting valve is designed to reduce the pressure on the water filtration systems housings to prevent damage from cracking and splitting of housings and lines. Our Apex all metal pressure limiting valve resists water hammer and also has a backflow prevention unit built in. Pressure limiting valves should be fitted to all undersink water filtration systems that are connected to mains water pressure. Such as reverse osmosis and under sink water filter systems. They also make it easier for you to change your own water filters as you can easily shut off the water to the filtration unit with a turn of a lever.  PLV comes already assembled with brass 1/2 inch compression T piece, brass shut off valve and 1/4 inch JG hose connection pictured below. Australian standards approved. All parts made in NZ, Australia and Italy. Available in 350 or 600KPA pressure rating. Free postage Australia Wide.
Undersink water filter pressure limiting valve

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